Services for e-Business

An enterprise’s e-Business strategy needs to take into account its people, culture, business processes, organization and structure, as well as existing and potential systems, technologies and applications. gDi helps companies’ address these many factors as well as develop measures for finance, risk and performance management. This analysis service will lead to a structured planned approach for the introduction of e-Business in an enterprise.

Designing, Building and Growing Digital Business

gDi’s services take our client's idea to market leadership in accelerated time frames. At every phase, we consider the strategic, creative and technical aspects of the business. We help enterprises design, optimize, and manage their customer facing Web presence, internal portals, and back-end systems. We ensure the implementation of a strong Web presence that supports the enterprise’s business objectives.

Our services include the development of the e-Business operating model: Go-to-market planning; on-line brand creation, site design, online promotion, branding and system integration.

gDi’s approach is result-oriented and is based on linking an enterprise’s business and marketing strategy with its internet presence, along with optimizing the enterprise’s customer’s experience on its Web site.

Start-up Support

We provide new ventures and spin-offs from established companies with a complete infrastructure and set of services to support their fledgling businesses. From injecting "new economy" people and financial systems, providing IT expertise, and perfecting an enterprise’s business plan. gDi speeds the enterprise’s new venture to the market place.

E-Business improvement services

A customer-centered business puts the right product in the right place, at the right time and most importantly, at the right price.

Even with an existing e-Business implementation, gDi can assist in ensuring that the current implemented technologies are appropriate to the business and that such implementations streamline processes and improve efficiency. gDi develops web-based solutions for e-procurement, customer order fulfillment, Internet payment systems, trading partner integration, legacy systems integrations and Web-enablement.

Technology Optimization and Management

Without solid information technology infrastructure (IT), an enterprise’s most ambitious e-Business initiatives can put the enterprise’s brand and reputation at risk. gDi enables the implementation of successful e-Business initiatives by providing secure, robust, scalable and recoverable infrastructures.

Businesses depend on their information technology infrastructure to be fully functional at all times. But given the myriad options for e-Business initiatives, the architecture typically combines numerous components, provided by multiple vendors across diverse platforms. gDi optimizes these complexities in a seamless and cost effective manner.

The expertise and scale of gDi services enable us to deliver on an enterprise’s requirements like no other company. We recognize that there are many business models and approaches that can result in e-Business success. Because our technology implementations have strategic and creative components, we improve the user experience and functionality while compressing the implementation timeline.

While gDi develops solutions that optimize and manage technology, we help our customers lay the important structural foundations including: Integrated strategy: Technical architecture strategy, Outsourcing and hosting strategy. Infrastructure Planning and Operations: Technology planning and operations, Technology architecture design and development, Enterprise Security, Directory Services, Performance Optimizations, Advanced Applications Hosting.