Suggestions & Complaints System

gDi's Suggestions & Complaints System SCS is a fully configurable web based system that implements an automated workflow which handles suggestions and complaints from citizens, strategic partners, vendors as well as internal and external organization stakeholders. SCS automates the management and monitoring of the suggestion/complaint process from initiation of the suggestion to awarding the suggestion presenter up to closing and/or implementing the suggestion/complaint. Awards are based on the accumulation of points under specific categories, which are then converted to awards.

The system is shipped with a predefined set of managerial reports, which are typically customized in each customer implementation. Additional reports can be added as required.

The system has five predefined roles each of which has a set of permissions and access levels to the various functionalities. Additional roles can be defined and granted specific access rights as required.

With SCS gDi has developed a complete web based system built on open standards leveraging the use of web services and XML under a service oriented architecture.