A complete solution for developing and managing optimized maintenance schedules

DSO/Maintenance is an interactive, Gantt-based scheduling software solution that enables you to manage maintenance activities in a way that delivers maximum equipment utilization and production performance.

Designed specifically for complex operational environments, DSO/Maintenance overcomes the limitations of manual scheduling tools and approaches by coupling the power of sophisticated optimization technology to your expert knowledge. It eliminates the need for error-prone manual data entry and un-auditable collections of spreadsheets, by centralizing your crew, equipment, and maintenance activity information in one database-based application that is accessible by multiple users.

Automatically schedule maintenance at exactly the right time

Many organizations are either doing too much maintenance too early, or too little too late. Both of these alternatives can have serious consequences. DSO/Maintenance saves you time and effort by automatically finding the best way of scheduling maintenance work orders, whether they are preventive, corrective, time-based, or breakdown. It replaces hours of manual effort with an advanced optimizer that balances trade-offs and ensures that all of your operational and business rules and constraints are met. And when the schedule has to be updated as a result of operational changes, DSO/Maintenance helps you to get back on track quickly.

You simply prepare the input data, and DSO/Maintenance does the work.

Use your expertise to fine tune results

DSO/Maintenance makes it easy to use your expert knowledge to fine tune results. You no longer need to spend time manually recalculating outcomes each time you make adjustments to your schedule: DSO/Maintenance handles that by showing you the impact on your business objectives—such as cost, uptime, and outage risk—immediately, so that you can make decisions that are fully-informed and appropriate for your operational situation.

DSO/Maintenance helps you to increase your operating efficiency and maximize asset performance.

Evaluate scenarios and perform “what if?” analysis

DSO/Maintenance features a powerful “what if“ evaluation capability, so that you can rapidly generate and assess multiple schedule scenarios, and select the optimal alternative. And DSO/Maintenance incorporates a “goal seeking“ capability that provides a fast way of generating maintenance schedules that satisfy divisional and corporate targets. Using DSO/Maintenance, you can rapidly find answers to questions like:

  • Can we maintain production targets with fewer maintenance resources?
  • Can we arrange maintenance activities in a way that reduces overall downtime?
  • How much more uptime (and production) could be achieved by adding more crew resources?
  • What can we do to minimize production loss when a breakdown occurs in one area?
Improve collaboration with a consolidated view of maintenance

DSO/Maintenance's consolidated operational model enables you to collaborate with your colleagues rapidly and effectively. With your equipment, crew, and maintenance activity information in one comprehensive application, you can focus on business objectives as you decide on the best way to move forward.

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