Budgeting Online

As corporations search for ways to reduce their budget cycle and produce realistic budgets and accurate reports, they have come to rely on certain processes and systems that have been successful in the past. Spreadsheets have been a popular method used by financial and other departments in small companies to calculate budgets and sort information easily. As large global corporations collect information across a wide spectrum of business units while undergoing the budgeting and reporting processes, the use of spreadsheets has proven to add time and unnecessary effort to developing a budget that often turns out to be outdated and erroneous. A more powerful and structured budgeting system is required to fill the gap left by spreadsheet limitations in reducing risks and shortening and improving the budgeting and reporting processes.

gDi's Budgeting Online system offers the following capabilities
  • Reduce the time needed to collect data and prepare budgets.
  • Eliminate version-control issues.
  • Automate roll-ups and calculations to save time and reduce errors.
  • Monitor budget submissions and actual results for increased accountability.
  • Set up automatic alerts to notify you when something unexpected ∼ good or bad ∼ is happening, so you can take action.
  • Adjust budgets and communicate changes when business conditions change, maintaining the plan’s relevancy and the organization’s commitment to it