Citygate GIS LLC. provides software products and consulting services tailored to support clients with requirements in Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Redistricting, School Planning, Internet Web Services and Navigation and Routing. With over twenty six years of experience, Citygate brings the vision and the experience required to convert technology into solutions.

Citygate GIS LLC.

Founded in 1986 as a Geographic Information services consulting firm, Citygate provides single source solutions for clients with specialized requirements for high performance enterprise geospatial systems. Citygate's clients share one requirement, the need for implementing state of the art technologies in a stable commercial environment. In this setting Citygate has succeeded by remaining focused on the needs of the organization and providing technologies which integrate with existing systems and provide a solid platform for future growth.


With over 26 years of diverse industry experience, Citygate has been involved in numerous projects with multiple public and private agencies throughout United States. Citygate's list of government clients have ranged from small municipalities to local government, State and various levels of the Federal Government. The company's private clients have included Utilities, Fortune 100 Companies, and a large number of small and medium size corporations.