Visual Search

Documill Visual Search offers a compelling set of applications relying on the capabilities of Documill Preview Server. Documill Visual Search allows enterprises and other organizations to get more out of existing ES/ECM investments by embedding powerful, easy-to-use functionalities into existing user interfaces that on their own would offer just links to the original document files.

With Documill Visual Search, end-users can take advantage of new document previewing, viewing, sharing, and re-using capabilities that are embedded into existing and familiar browser-driven user interfaces.

Document-centric User Experience

Documill Visual Search enables a browser-based access to enterprise documents - no third party viewer applications required.

  • A 7x improvement in document screening speed increases the productivity of your searches.
  • You won't have to waste time on downloading and opening Microsoft Office and PDF documents.
  • Spend less time on inefficient searches - find the relevant results faster!
  • Save money as your productivity increases and the consumption of bandwidth decreases (fewer downloads require less bandwidth).
  • The reusability of intellectual assets increases because people can actually find what they are looking for.
  • Get a lot more out of the search engine that you have already invested on.

Improved Productivity

Speed up the document discovery process - Up to 7x faster discovery
  • No need to download documents for screening
  • No need to carry out secondary searches within document viewers
  • Search and visually screen through large amounts of data

Save up to 3h/week - Improved productivity
  • According to IDC, an information worker spends 9.5 h/week searching for information within the enterprise
  • Most of the information is in documents spread around different repositories or file shares

Less downloading - Significant bandwidth savings
  • Visual Search provides an immediate view of the content's relevancy without forcing users to download the whole document
  • Avoiding unnecessary downloading can save up to 90% of bandwidth per document