Quality Standards

gDi Quality Statement

gDi will constantly strive for the highest quality in customer services to achieve its customer satisfaction. gDi will measure the success in achieving this goal and where any results may indicate failure, corrective action will be taken.

gDi offers its services and solutions under a comprehensive total quality management system and the certification of the quality management system by ISO.

gDi’s Professional Services Division has been awarded the BS EN ISO-9001/2 certificates by examining body Quality Management Systems Gulf (QMS) after successfully passing a full assessment of its quality system (quality standards, quality manuals, quality procedures, and quality processes).

With gDi’s emphasis on quality and certification of gDi’s Quality System to ISO Standards, gDi also offers targeted quality improvement services to its clients. gDi recognizes that enterprises invest enormous resources in their software application and IT infrastructure and through quality systems, we have been able to help enterprises improve on these investments.

Through gDi’s experience with quality systems and their application to application development and life-cycle support. gDi has enabled enterprises to consolidate, manage and improve the quality and maintainability of their IT assets, as well as help them leverage such assets towards continuous business prosperity.