Guiding Values

gDi’s success is firmly based on a foundation of business values and ethics - termed "Our Guiding Values". Our Guiding Values determine our business values, behaviour and ethics and have enabled gDi to make the correct decisions for its customers and stakeholders.

Respect for Individuals and Organisations

We treat each other with respect and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences. We communicate frequently and with candor, listening to each other regardless of level or position. Recognising that exceptional quality begins with people, we give individuals the authority to use their capabilities to the fullest to satisfy their customers. Our environment supports personal growth and continuous learning for all gDi people.

Passion for Customer Success

We truly care for each customer. We build enduring relationships by understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs and by serving them better each time. gDi customers can count on us to consistently deliver superior products and services that help them achieve their personal or business goals.

Highest Standards of Integrity

We are honest and ethical in all our business dealings, starting with how we treat each other. We keep our promises and admit our mistakes. Our personal conduct ensures that gDi’s name is always worthy of trust.


We believe innovation is the engine that will keep us vital and growing. Our culture embraces creativity, seeks different perspectives and risks pursuing new opportunities. We create and rapidly convert technology into products and services, constantly searching for new ways to make technology more useful to customers.


We encourage and reward both individual and team achievements. We freely join colleagues across organisational boundaries to advance the interest of customers and share ownership. Our team extends to being responsible and caring partners in the communities where we live and work.